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Feb 10 2013

Praxis Fun

Passed my first hurdle, the Praxis; or at least I hope so.

I studied my entire winter break (really should’nt have studied that long) and was scheduled to take both tests on 1/28. Of courseeeeee we had our only snow delay this semester, might I add it wasn’t even snowing that day only raining, on 1/28 so my general science Praxis was cancelled. I did have the PLT though, not really sure how that went but I should get those results in a week or so!

My scienge praxis was rescheduled for this AM and I NAILED IT! 180! All I needed was a 150 or something.


So awesome to be one step closer. One month from now I will be prepping for interveiws!

Updates to come :)

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