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Mar 02 2013

March Updates!

I’ve come to realize I am probably writting this blog for myself, but if there are any followers out there hello!!!!

I am currently at work, but figured I would give an update of where I am at with TFA. Got the Praxiss (Praxi?) out of the way and passed the science one with flying colors, still waiting on the PLT… and of course that was the one I was nervous about. And I can now check off my resume and interveiw availibility for spring break!!! Ps. Kind of ticked about spring break I was going on a kayak/camping trip in the outer banks, but because of my interviews I had to cancel…. totally worth it though.

So at this point I am waiting to get assigned interviews next week and I will be sure to make a post about who I interview with/how it goes/tips for other applicants!

Getting closer and closer to summer institute and the big move. Dan and I couldn’t be more excited :)

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