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Jun 04 2013

Day one and done

Today I finished my  first day at induction.

Leaving my grandparents was tough, but I was able to snap a picture before I left


It was just lovely!

I got here at 1pm (move in was 10-2p) with plenty of time to unpack, read the intro materials and relax.They gave us each a goodie bag containing the following: a NC state magazine, a bottle of BBQ sauce made from sweet potatoes (YUM), cashews, and a stress airplane ball (NC= first in flight). How cute…

We had a meeting shortly after that my roommate was late to… Lets just say she was unique. However, she already moved out of my room because she saw a bug? Anyways from there they talked to us really quick, split us into out transition teams (Go COYOTES!!!) and allowed us to get to know eachother better and talk about story telling.

It is amazing the diversity of backgrounds, stories, etc in TFA. Just in my transition group of 15 people we have different genders, different sexualities, different ethnicities, different races, different socioeconomic statuses, different ages, etc…. all which I think are amazing and inspiring. TFA has us do a story telling activity tomorrow and I hope to learn more about my group and how they became who they are and why they chose TFA. After the team meetings (complete with moon pies and cheerwine) we had a little bit of down time before the BBQ social. There we had delicious fried chicken, some sort of vinegar pulled pork, and hush pups; got to meet more people; and played games like corn hole.

I’m already in love with TFA… cant wait or tomorrow.


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