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Jun 05 2013

“Valued” to death

Officially finished the first full day of induction. Yay! But I do have to say I am pretty exhausted mentally. Today we began with sharing our “stories of self” which are our own life stories that we read to the group, explaining how we have become the people we are today. I must say some people have some powerful stories and even telling mine empowered me. Although I made myself and others cry while telling it, it felt good to let others know that I am a unique person and that my appearance doesn’t define me.

After the story telling we ran with the “values” theme for the rest of the day. Our values, TFA values, student values. So many values. So much reflection. It was all great though, I learned a lot and cannot wait for institute to began. However, rumors of institute are beginning to spread. Everyone, including myself, seems a little nervous but I still can’t wait.

Tonight I get a break from the cafeteria food! My transition team is eating at ruby tuesdays (yum)… thanks TFA :)

More to come!

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