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Jun 08 2013

Last full day of induction!

The title says it all… last day of induction!

May I be writing this post slightly buzzed, yes… but was today awesome, of course!

A hurricane decided to hit us this morning so all the sessions involving us visiting our communities were cancelled. Instead we heard a speech from a senator, found our strengths, and did some discussion activities on our own. I choose to learn about critical hope which is all based around make students (the roses) grow from cracks within oppressive concrete. Then I attended a session on becoming a principal. I would seriously consider a principal as a career but luckily I do not have to make that final decision until decemeber/january -ish.

After the sessions we had a farewell catered dinner. It was delicious and we heard a few inspiring speeches from previous TFA-ers and community members. The night was not complete without a visit to the local bar Gators, where we played countless drinking games (21 and some hand sign game!). I met even more great TFA people and that bar made more money than it has in a long while. Afterwards I had my FIRST WAFFLE HOUSE experience EVER! I got hashbrowns with mushrooms and ham….. still drooling.

Alright, well off to bed. One last session tomorrow morning then a 13 HOUR trip to cleveland MS for institute.

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