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Jun 08 2013

Sweet home Alabama

You heard it, I’m stationed in ALABAMA! Never thought I’d leave the east coast, who knew! After a fun night out last night, we had a morning closing session then packed up and began our 12hr drive to Tuscaloosa!

There was traffic in NC

We made a pit stop in SC

I went to my first cracker barrel in GA…. and got my last starbucks drink until july :(((((( x1million.

And now I am in Alabama. Tomorrow we drive 4 more hours to cleveland MS where institute is being held. I sure will miss my coyotes from induction, but will most likely see all their lovely faces in MS. For now I will continue to eat my favorite food (Hot wings) in a small hotel with 2 girls I have met over the past couple days. Thank heavens everyone in TFA is awesome and easy to talk to or else this car ride/hotel stay would be real awkward haha.

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