And I Thought Orgo was Hard…

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Jun 11 2013

First day of summer school

Goodness, I have already been too busy to update this thing. So let me tell you how my past 2 days have been in like 10 minutes (Currently 7am, sitting in the diner at breakfast doing lesson planning)

So move it was easy as pie, I am living in these really nice suite style rooms and my roommates name is Deitra. She seems awesome already, but both of us are hardly in the room as is. Yesterday morning we woke up at 5am, got an email about our summer school placement (mine was sanders!), ran to breakfast, and were packed onto hot and sweaty school buses for out 1hr trip.

Yah this is pretty much the entire ride….. endless corn feilds.

Upon arriving I realized that Sanders is an elementary school, not ideal considering I will be teaching middle school science in the fall but it will do. We did even MORE reflecting on our story of self and diversity, and interviewed a panel of local Hollandale residents. At lunch I was excited to get to know my CMA Desiree a little bit more (she seems awesome, is loud, fun, and will probably kick my ass this summer) and found out that I will be teaching 4th grade Math! Wooohoo, better than little kids. After a trip back home I went to the fitness info session, because I was an 1hr early I actually ended up going to a “white-identity” group session thennnnnn went to the fitness group where we did one of the insanity videos!
I’m not sore, tired, or stressed out yet but if the rumors about institute are true it is soon to come….

And I thought orgo was hard.

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