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Jun 11 2013

Missing home just a lil

Day 3 of institute over and done. Today was the first time we did concrete work. We learned to do lesson vision and plans and worked with out co-lab to draft a class vision as well. It was a lot of information but it seems really doable at this point, and even fun to some extent! After all the lessons I went to insanity day 2, ate dinner, and did a couple hours of homework.

I was even able to call my boyfriend/future hubby Dan twice! I gotta say I do miss that kid, he will be moving down to Clinton NC with me in August. I am so lucky to have people that I love supporting me in this journey.

Mom, grammy, poppop, Dan… if your reading this I love you & I miss you :) See you in 31 days!

My Boo & I <3

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