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Jun 13 2013

It’s official, I am a real teacher y’all

Yah just look at the picture below…

Like I said its official!!!!

Tomorrow I get to meet my darling class of 11 students! We will be administering some diagnostic reading assessments so that we can track each students progress over the next month of summer school.

I must say seeing my classroom was the most exciting moment yet. My co-lab and I got to arrange the desks into 3 small groups in accordance with our “On track to college” theme. Each group of desks is a different college track team and is competing with the other class groups to learn medals. By being on good behavior, helping others, or doing intelligent things (like ask questions) teams can move down the track during the class period. The first team to reach the finish gets a gold, second a silver, and third a bronze. At the end of the week the team with the most points (determined by the number of each medal type) gets their picture featured in the class newsletter and selects one MVP who will also receive special recognition.

If you can’t already tell I am super excited about this theme! I just really hope the students love it.

Howeverrrrrr, I do still have one big worry, class management. Today we had a “PD” or professional development session on how to keep kids on track by setting firm rules from day one. We even practiced our “teacher voice”… haha. I still can’t see myself being stern with students, but I know the point will come at some point.


On a different note, Dan (my future fiance) had his interview down in Clinton NC yesterday and ROCKED IT! WOOHOO. Fingers crossed he gets the job.

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