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Jun 14 2013

Meetin’ the Kids

And so begins my teaching experience. Today was the first day of summer school. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I took my post at the office near the bus overhang. Students trickled in, some looked happy and replied “mornin” as I said good morning… but most looked down and kept walking. Maybe I look scary…???

Today we didn’t actually have class, just reading assessments. The students filed into their homerooms from the spring where volunteer faculty watched them take math assessments. Then one-by-one us TFA-ers plucked the kids from the class and asked them to read vocab lists and books. Unfortunately only 6 out of my 11 students were in school today, so I was only able to meet 3. I can already tell 2 of the 3 will be spitfires, but I am excited. Meeting them has already made me more confident in my ability to manage the class. I don’t know if I can say the same for all the other TFA-ers. They were acting more like babysitters than teachers. No way in hell is that going down in my class.

Some staff members had to lay down the law today though… it was interesting seeing how experienced staff handled the kids. However, it seemed like they yelled at them for everything. Not being in a straight enough line, walking in the grass, not walking on the right side of the hall, not grabbing the toilet paper for the bathroom breaks. I am probably just over-sensitive, I’m sure I will be the same way after having my class for a few weeks.

After meeting the kids they left, we have yet another professional development session (on how to manage kids…. ironic), and then had time to decorate our class. I must say our “on track to college” theme is pretty bad a$$, especially with the help of my arts and craft skills.

Now time to celebrate!!!! I mean I did just finish my first week of institute… which apparently is one of the hardest. Perhaps I will go to the bars? Or maybe sleep in (aka sleep later than 5am… HAAAAA). Who knows :)

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