And I Thought Orgo was Hard…

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Jun 16 2013

Lesson planning up the Wha-zoo

Wow my brain is tired. After a long day of planning I have completed 3 mini-lesson plans on class culture, a final draft for my math objective 1, a rough draft of math objective 3, numerous class decorations/posters, our final outline of our groups class culture plan, and…. idk what else!? I’m done for the day…
What’s worst is that I didn’t even get to exercise today so I have literally been sitting here staring at this darn computer for 12+ hours. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be different… Or maybe not considering it is the first day of real class ANDDD I have 2 more full lesson plans due.

Alright, welp I have to wake up for my school bus in 6hours, time for bed.

And I thought orgo was hard….

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