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Jul 02 2013

I’m still alive :)

This institute thing isn’t as bad as its cracked out to be. I made the switch to reading this week. Yah I don’t like it as much but the kids are SOOOOOOO much better behaved in the mornings. Not only that but making a reading lesson plan is 5billion times easier for me (for some reason).

The only thing I am bummed about is that I lost half of my class. Yes half. The students took some state test and if they scored proficient or advanced on math AND reading they were allowed to drop out of summer school. Proficient means they score 54% on the test, so I had a decent amount of students get the grade. I was really sad to see Amanda, Demyia, Tymon, and Paris go. I feel like they all still have so much growing to do and could benefit a lot with some summer schooling. Not only that but my teaching skills could benefit from having them…

The upside…. I can now focus on my students who are struggling more so with the material and give them 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 tutoring sessions to build up fundamental skills to get them back on grade level. Another upside… my students are more well behaved in a small class setting; maybe they feel more accountable for their actions? Not sure, but whatever it is I like it.

This week I will finish up teaching reading, then go back to teaching math next week…. THE LAST WEEK OF INSTITUTE. I just hope that now that things are winding down that I have more time to spend having fun/ with friends. I have severely neglected my social life thus far which is no fun.

Saturday I went to a blues place called ground zero and saw a blues band. It was a night of drinking, dancing, and getting my CD signed by all the band members including “Big boy”. Today I was able to go get some fro-yo at a TFA alum owned store called Delta Dairy. It was delicious…. overpriced…. but delicious. These things were cool, but I wish I could say that I have done more. On my do to list of funness:

Go to mississippi grounds, Go to poor monkeys bar (in the middle of a corn field), go to Memphis, Go to “the lake”, see fireworks, but some clothes at the downtown thrift shop, Go to a bar other then Hey Joes, and go to my elementary schools community play day!

Not much time left. This is crazy. I can’t believe I am almost done. What an adventure it has been. I am soooooo ready for my very own classroom.

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