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Jul 06 2013

1 week to go!

Wow, time sure has flown. I am wrapping up my institute experience which is so crazy.

Since my last post I was able to celebrate the 4th of July with my lovely TFA comrades. TFA threw a big community pork BBQ shindig, complete with $1 beer and wine coolers, volleyball, cornhole, and a live band. It was awesome (minus the 37 misquito bites). The night was even topped off with a 20 minute fireworks show.

Later that night I went to the last bar in Cleveland I had yet to visit, On the Rocks. It was …. lets just say interesting. For 15 dollars it was all you can drink. Being the smart TFA-ers that we are we split one wristband among 5 people (hehe). The bar even had a limo service to drive us there, but it couldn’t take us back…. considering it blew a tire as soon as we parked hahahaha. What an experience.

On the day of the 4th we were able to get out into the community a little. We took a trip to lake Grenada, the largest body of water in MS. It was so gorgeous. We celebrated one of the corps members daughters 7th birthday there, swam all day, and played volleyball. I couldn’t have asked for a better 4th (unless I was home).

Speaking of home I am sooooooo ridiculously home sick. Never would I ever have thought I would miss Maryland, but when you only live in one place your entire life then move 16hours away for 5 weeks it’s hard not too. I can’t wait to see my boyfriend, grandparents, mom, and sisters inĀ  a week. I am even taking a trip up to Massachusetts to see my father before I have to be back in NC on July 30th.

Anyways, the classroom has been GREAT, minus the lack of students that I mentioned before. I have gotten exponentially better at managing the class. Honestly I really think it starts at giving explicit directions, very very veryyyyy explicit directions. Then of course you need to give consequences & reward students following those directions, but I have also found that my students really do well when I get excited during the lesson. They totally vibe off of me. That is why I can’t wait for the fall. I will have my own class and I will be teaching science which I am so incredibly passionate about.

That reminds me, I finally talked with my principal for the first time on Wednesday! Mr. Dirks is his name. Just from our 15 minute phone conversation I already know he is going to make my transition into the position at Sampson middle a smooth one. He was very understanding and I am excited to meet the rest of my staff. Dan (my boyfriend) might even meet him on Monday, since Mr.Dirks offered to show him some housing options for Dan and I.

Alright, I am rambling…. but it’s been a while. One last thing I wanted to mention was the awesome community picnic we had for the students & parents of Sanders elementary yesterday. Four of my students came out and I was able to meet one of their father’s. It was 2 hours of playing kickball, marco polo, and having my hair braided haha. I love my students. They are amazing human beings and I really hope that I have inspired them to do big things over these last 3 weeks.

1 week to go. Crazy!!!!


Oh and here is a picture from Ground Zero from last weekend. I loved the blues music and delicious food so much I will be back tonight….. GET READY GROUND ZERO MS.KAHN IS ON HER WAY

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