And I Thought Orgo was Hard…

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Jul 12 2013

It’s All said and Done

Welp, I made it.

Institute is officially over and at 4am I will be making the 16hr drive back to MD. Boy do I miss it, who would’ve thought. You know what I may miss more though? My kiddos… they really touched my life in ways I did not think was possible in the course of 4 weeks. They have taught me so much about myself, about my patience, my public speaking, my charisma, my attitude, my preconceptions. I cried at the end of the day as they lined up to hop on their buses. At that same moment I also realized for some crazy reason that I forgot to tell them my age like I promised. So a tearful Ms.Kahn shouted to the classroom “oh my goodness, Ms.Kahn forgot to tell you how old she was was, I’m 21!!!!” They all gasped haha. (P.s. I learned this summer how weird it is to be called ms.Kahn so I often refer to myself in the 3rd person during class.

Anyways I am so honored to have been accepted into TFA and to have completed this transformational institute experience. Honestly I was about 10% as bad as I thought it would be. I never stayed up past midnight, I never sent a kid to the office, all my kids grew academically and socially, I never cried (except when saying goodbye), and I had the perfect co-lab of fellow teachers. Institute was made out to be this big bad lion that eats up vulnerable TFAers…. personally I think its more like a kitten. Cute, fluffy, but when you go to pet it it gives you a nice little swat every now and then (or if they are the DElta state cats that roam this campus it gives TFAers fleas…. yes it actually happened hahahaha).

Some things I will miss:

1) My co-lab and amazing CMA & CMA group

2) My students, they are each so unique, so quirky, so bad, so good, and so loveable

3) My school, I fell in love with Sander’s Elementary

4) They amazing people in TFA from other states

Some things I won’t miss:

1) Having to walk 10 minutes to print, copy, etc

2) Hours on hours of lesson planning

3) Riding the bus 2+ hours EVERY DAY

4) The TERRIBLE packed lunches



It’s been real delta. Time to take everything I have learned here and put it all into my middle school science classroom.

Look out Sampson Middle, Ms.Kahn is coming for ya!


This blog shall be continued in 2 weeks upon my arrival to strong start in ENC :) <3

And I thought orgo was hard….

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  1. AMR

    Hi! I’m a 2013 blogger also and it’s nice to see another 2013 on here :) congratulations on being done with Institute! we still have a week left.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and thank you for sharing. One thing to keep in mind – it might not be the best idea for you to post pictures of your kids in your blog, unless you got their parents’ permission (and even then you might want to stay away from writing the name of your school just in case your boss finds it or something). I’ve been thinking through a lot of these issues myself in terms of how much I want to put on the Internet, so I just thought I’d throw this out there :) have a wonderful rest of the summer!

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