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Jun 11 2013

First day of summer school

Goodness, I have already been too busy to update this thing. So let me tell you how my past 2 days have been in like 10 minutes (Currently 7am, sitting in the diner at breakfast doing lesson planning) So move it was easy as pie, I am living in these really nice suite style rooms…

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Jun 08 2013

Sweet home Alabama

You heard it, I’m stationed in ALABAMA! Never thought I’d leave the east coast, who knew! After a fun night out last night, we had a morning closing session then packed up and began our 12hr drive to Tuscaloosa! There was traffic in NC We made a pit stop in SC I went to my…

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Jun 08 2013

Last full day of induction!

The title says it all… last day of induction! May I be writing this post slightly buzzed, yes… but was today awesome, of course! A hurricane decided to hit us this morning so all the sessions involving us visiting our communities were cancelled. Instead we heard a speech from a senator, found our strengths, and…

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Jun 06 2013

Visit to my new school/community!

Let me preface this by saying i am EXHAUSTED, sorry if I sound not so spunky. Today was amazing though, we started off the day talking about a rural community is, our preconceptions of the rural ENC, and how we are excited about working here. But after so much talking I got bored… I just…

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Jun 05 2013

“Valued” to death

Officially finished the first full day of induction. Yay! But I do have to say I am pretty exhausted mentally. Today we began with sharing our “stories of self” which are our own life stories that we read to the group, explaining how we have become the people we are today. I must say some…

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Jun 04 2013

Day one and done

Today I finished my¬† first day at induction. Leaving my grandparents was tough, but I was able to snap a picture before I left   It was just lovely! I got here at 1pm (move in was 10-2p) with plenty of time to unpack, read the intro materials and relax.They gave us each a goodie…

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Jun 03 2013

Time for induction

In just 6 hours I will be leaving my little hometown in MD to go to induction in NC. Should I be sleeping…. yes. But my nerves have gotten the best of me. So tonight I am spending my time on facebook chatting with other 2013 CMs and hanging with my mom and puppy who…

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May 28 2013

It’s official… I’ve been placed!

YAYYYYYYY! Words cannot describe how happy I am to be placed. I will be teaching…. MIDDLE school science, not high school as I previously thought, at sampson middle school in NC. I had a skype interview with the superintendent of clinton city schools and the principal of clinton city high; although they loved me there…

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May 24 2013

Countdown: 10 days til institute

Wow its been a while. So last time I wrote I had interviewed during the first round. Unfortunately I wasn’t placed. Not because I wasn’t qualified but because TFA apparently told the principals who wanted to hire me “no”. Instead TFA wants to place me in south eastern NC into a school that has never…

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Mar 26 2013

Interview Time

3 down 1 to go… I had the priveldge of interviewing 3 times already with Nash-Rocky mount early college, bertie early college, and southern vance high. One school rescheduled 3 times, and the other once, but in the end it worked out. If you have had phone interviews you know what they are like, and…

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